Security Systems

TechnikAL Company manufactures systems focusing on advanced security, thus giving, emphasis on effective protection of human integrity and property.
The growing proportion of burglaries - especially during the daytime-influenced enough and the construction sector making protection against burglary and vandalism, the need of days and not an unnecessary luxury.
The security classes are determined according to the type of burglar and method of burglary and is ranging between WK1 and WK3.
Alumil M30600S
The new tilt-and-turn system M30600 with high antiballistic protection level (FB6) and soundproofing is a robust non-thermal break system for fixed and tilt-and-turn window applications.
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Alumil s30700
Alumil S30700
The new lift-and-slide S30700 with high antiballistic protection (FB4, FB6 level) and soundproofing is a robust non-thermal break system.
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Alumil M50S
Alumil M50 Security
M50s provides security curtain wall solutions and is applied on constructions that require high protection such as banks, embassies, government agencies, jewelers, etc.
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