Entrance Doors

TechniKal in alignment with the imperatives of contemporary architectural design and technological evolution, proudly presents the Aluminium Entrance Door Series.

The series creates new horizons for modern residential and industrial design, by providing versatility and customization, simultaneously adopting hi-tech and classic materials, offering an exceptional aesthetic result, with top quality and advanced technology.

The innovative design of the system, alongside the state-of-the-art equipment, provide the prerequisites for the conceptualization and production of products that reach large heights and widths, offering prestige and elegance, while maintaining minimalism, coplanarity of surfaces and outstanding performances.
Alumil SD115
This entrance door system of modern architectural design and minimal character offers overdimension for high security and the most elegant constructions.

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Alumil SD95
Thermally insulated entrance door system with high-performance specifications, great security level and modern design thanks to flat surfaces of frames.

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Alumil SD77
A high-end thermally insulated entrance door system with emphasis on the great security level, flat surfaces of the frames and high-aesthetics design.

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Alumil MD67
Alumil MD67
High-performance thermally insulated entrance door system with great emphasis on security and uniformity of profiles, providing ease of access and modern design.
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smartia m11500
Alumil M11500
High-performance and security thermally insulated entrance door system, distinguished for simple design and ease of access for children and the disabled.

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Alumil M11000
Thermally insulated entrance door system offers very good performance, increased security and same-level surfaces for ease of access by children and the disabled.
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Alumil MD9660
Thermally insulated entrance door system of good performance, ideal for replacements, provided as a low-cost solution with a great level of security and functionality.

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M15000 BR
Alumil M15000 BR
A non-thermally insulated entrance door and safety cages system provides maximum burglar-resistance and it is ideal for exceptional requirements cases and needs.
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M15000 RS
Alumil M15000 RS
A hinged aluminium system for entrance constructions, distinguished for its special smoke control design to prevent smoke or smell diffusion in specific spaces.
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Alumil M9400
Non-thermally insulated entrance doors system with very good performance and security covering a wide range of applications.

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