Sliding Systems

Sliding frames are an option, which was particularly developed in the Greek market. Depending on the system, they are both used to cover large openings by minimizing the obvious aluminum frame for minimal architectural design, thus enhancing the natural light, as for replacing old windows for more economic options. Utilizing the interior space in the best possible way in each case.
Their main features are:
  • they offer better use of interior space
  • enhancing natural light through large glass surfaces, offering high functionality, performance and minimal architectural design
  • can be combined with mosquito screen, sliding shutter and rolling shutter
  • are offered in all typologies (in-the-wall, sliding)
Alumil S650 e-MOTION
The automated version of minimal thermally insulated sliding system for very wide spans with less visible aluminium frames and maximum ease of use.
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S650 Phos
Alumil S650 Phos
Minimal thermally insulated sliding system, ideal for very wide spans, enhancing natural illumination thanks to less visible aluminium frames.

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Alumil S700
Lift and sliding system ideal for large openings, with impressive features such as high performance, great level of security and high aesthetics.
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Alumil M630 Phos
Alumil M630 Phos
Thermally insulated sliding doors and windows system of minimal design and high-performance, ideal for modern buildings emphasized on natural illumination.
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Alumil S560
A lift & sliding and simple sliding thermally insulated doors and windows system distinguished for its application versatility and the ability to cover wide spans.
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Alumil S440
Advanced thermally insulated sliding doors and windows system, which fits the best in extra high demanding energy  building performance.

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Alumil S350
Modern and flexible thermally-insulated door and window sliding system, with clear design, ideal for renovation solutions, thanks to its ease of fabrication.

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Alumil M12500 Phos
Non-thermally insulated sliding doors and windows system, distinguished for its minimal design and less visible aluminium that maximizes natural illumination.
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Alumil M45000
SMARTIA M45000 is the non-insulated system for sliding & lifting sliding windows and doors with modern flat design. Ideal solution for large spans and warmer climates.
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Alumil M14600
Non-thermal insulated sliding doors and windows system of fine design, offers high performance ideal for warmer climates.

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Alumil M9200
Sliding Non-thermally insulated sliding door system with curved aluminium frames for modern exterior appearance.

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