Curtain Walls

TechniKal offers a wide range of Curtain Walls covering all needs while combining quality and design flexibility.
There are three different types of Curtain Walls,with or without thermal break options.
  • Stick type (standard)
  • Structural - Semi Structural
  • Unitized
Curtain Wall is the modern architectural trend for buildings that need to become part of the surrounding environment by reflecting parts of it on the surface of the building.
Alumil M85
The unitized façade SMARTIA M85 is a robust and highly insulated curtain wall system. It is the ideal option for high-rise buildings, giving the ability to create façades in various designs.
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Alumil M85s
SMARTIA M85s is the new thermally broken element curtain wall of ALUMIL with inside face width of 85 mm.

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Alumil M65
SMARTIA M65 is a unitized curtain wall system ideal for high-rise buildings. The construction of the building's envelope is done by assembling big panels consisted of many glass frames.

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Alumil M50
Alumil M50
SMARTIA M50 is a complete system for curtain walls with high energy efficiency, which offers infinite design possibilities and meets every requirement of contemporary architecture.
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Alumil M7
SMARTIA M7 is a complete system for high energy efficiency curtain walls, which offers quality constructions in affordable prices and fully meets all stability and safety requirements.
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Alumil M3
M3 is a thermal insulated system for semi-structural curtain walls with hanging frames (stick type) for faster installation.

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